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Introduction for SINOPEC Marine Lubricant Products

Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. Is the professional company that is engaged in production, research & development and sales of Lubricants and greases under Sinopec and it can provide excellent whole-series marine lubricant products and corresponding services for foreign and domestic ship owners. Products cover marine cylinder oil, system oil, trunk piston engine oil and various kinds of marine auxiliary oil, which can completely meet lubrication demands of each lubricating position of different ship equipment. Marine system oil 3005, 4008, cylinder oil 5070S, 50100, 5025, trunk piston engine oil 4030, 4040, 3030 and multiple products all pass navigation test and technology certification of MAN, WARTSILA and world-famous marine diesel engine manufacturers.

SINOPEC marine lubricant products are already widely used by the ocean and coastal ships, many VLCC, VLOC and large container ships select SINOPEC whole-series marine lubricant products. Excellent lubricating property and stable product and service quality are recognized by domestic and foreign ship owners.

SINOPEC marine lubricants include duty-pay and duty-free (bonded) products. There are 4 marine lubricant blending plants along the coast and the Yangtze River in China. A new blending plant has been established in Singapore. Moreover, several protocol processing plants are also possessed over the seas. Supply network completely covers ports of Mainland China and world's main ports.

SINOPEC Marine Lubricant Products List

Marine Engine Oils

Marine Cylinder Oil 50100

Marine Cylinder Oil 5080S

Marine Cylinder Oil 5070S

Marine Cylinder Oil 5040

Marine Cylinder Oil 5025

Marine System Oil 3005

Marine Trunk Piston Engine Oil 3030/4030/4040

Marine Trunk Piston Engine Oil3012/4012

SINOPEC LNG Dual Fuel Marine Engine Oil

CI-4 Diesel Engine Oil

CH-4 Diesel Engine Oil

HANGXING 580 Diesel Engine Oil

HANGXING 300 Series Diesel Engine Oil

Oils for Marine Auxiliary Equipment

HV Low Temperature Hydraulic Oil 

EAL HF-E Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

L-CKD Industrial Closed Gear Oil

L-CKT Fully Synthetic Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Oil

L-TSA Turbine Oil 

Synthetic Compressor Oil 4502

Synthetic Refrigerator Oil 4524

L-QB300 Heat Transfer Oil 

Extreme Pressure Lithium Base Grease

Lithium Grease with Molybdenum Disulfide

Super Grease

Extreme Pressure Lithium Complex Grease

Semi-fluid Gear Grease 7408

Flushing Oils

Marine Flushing Oil

Download link for SINOPEC Marine Lubricant Products information. 
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